Partnering with Dalberg and Real Impact Analytics

In 2010, a team of entrepreneurs founded Real Impact Analytics to help mobile phone operators in emerging markets to make the most out of their data by building analytics solutions. Realizing that this mobile phone data could be used to benefit society as a whole in addition to the operators, they started Data for Good.

In 2017, the Data For Good team joined forces with Dalberg, a leading global management consulting company focused on social impact, to become Dalberg Data Insights.

We build analytics applications for social impact

The world is generating increasing amounts of data, creating vast new possibilities for evidence-based decision-making. But the amount, velocity and diversity of data make it difficult for people to make sense of it without specialized tools.

Dalberg Data Insights creates tools to interpret data and unlock solutions in international development, humanitarian action and social impact.

We build bridges between private
data and important social problems

Throughout the world, and particularly in developing countries, policymakers, NGOs and other institutions often lack the right data to tackle important social challenges - where to direct resources after an earthquake, for example or how to tackle particular diseases.

Conversely, extensive and rich data sources exist behind the firewalls of private companies, such as mobile phone operators. These data sources can be key to understanding complex societal problems, but private companies need a trusted partner to extract value from this data without compromising the privacy of their customers nor giving away valuable insights to their competitors.

With a long experience and track record in this domain, Dalberg Data Insights strives to be this trusted partner.


Read more about the unique opportunity in telecom datasets and how we rigorously protect privacy here.